Glam Travel: Baha Mar- Nassau Bahamas

Glam Travel: Baha Mar- Nassau Bahamas

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Hey Glam Dolls! Time for another Glam Travel Blog! Its been long over due right?! GIRL. I KNOW! The location is the SLS hotel and resort located in Bahamar Nassau, Bahamas. Haven't heard of it? Good. Its a hidden gem you absolutely must try.

When it comes to vacations we like to take our bougie up a notch while also remaining financially savvy. We stay at the most luxurious resorts, eat the best cuisines and party like a rockstar all for decent prices. This requires time and research but don't worry! We've done all the leg work for you! This blog will navigate you through Bahamar.  

About Baha Mar

Baha Mar is a small scale version of Las Vegas in The Bahamas, it is a multi resort connected by a huge casino.  The three resorts in Baha Mar are Grand Hyatt, SLS, & Rosewood.  Each resort, unique in its own way caters to a different type of clientele. The Grand Hyatt is family friendly and great if you are traveling with kids and need entrainment to keep them busy. The SLS hotel is grown and sexy. It caters to the young professionals and people who are looking for a great adult time and Vegas like pool parties. Rosewood is the top tier hotel in Baha Mar. You will notice an older crowd who are looking for a nice relaxing time. If you decide to stay at the Rosewood hotel you have access to all of the resorts.  In summary Baha Mar is the perfect destination whether you are looking for a family vacation, girls trip, or a  baecation.    

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We chose the SLS hotel and resort because it met all of our needs (and most importantly our budget). I loved the aesthetics and overall vibe of this hotel. As soon as you enter SLS you find yourself in a massive lobby/ bar full of fresh flowers and hip modern colorful decor, and it smells AMAZING... If you have read any of my past travel blogs you know that I AM ALL ABOUT THE SMELLS AND DECOR. The SLS resort is a colorful canvas full of many photo opportunities. It is the perfect spot for a blogger! Definitely an instagram worthy backdrop no matter where you decide to take a picture. The best thing about this resort is that you have access to other resorts such as Rosewood and the Grand Hyatt which means more options for pools, restaurants and bars. In total Baha Mar has 20 Restaurants, 10 pools, & lots of cool bars.

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Food Trucks & Flamingos 

As you walk the grounds of Baha Mar you will find lots of cool things to do.  We especially loved the Flamingo play area.  Yes girl thats right, they have flamingos and if your lucky you can catch them during feeding time and snap some really cool photos.  As you walk the beach you will also find these super cute and colorful food truck stands.  Our favorite one served Margaritas & Tacos (yes, we ate Mexican food in the Bahamas... its the Texas in me).  It was super tasty and the price was right.  This was a great way to keep cost down during our stay.  

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Private Island... Beach Please!  

SLS also has a huge pier attached to the beach.  Theres a free ferry that runs every 30 min that takes you to the private island Balmar.  The beach on the private island water is literally crystal clear and the sand is soft and free of shells.  Perfect for snapping dope pics for the gram. 


Turn Down for What?!

Now if you have ever stayed at a SLS Hotel you know that they are known for turning up & SLS Baha Mar did not disappoint.  Every Fri - Sun SLS brings in the hottest DJ's around the world to DJ their Privilege Pool parties.  There is a $100 min spend per person if you want to chill on the lounge chairs or section.   Which really isn't hard to do if you have a meal and a few drinks.  Make sure you make a reservation in advance cause this place gets packed on the weekends.  In the evenings the party moves indoors to the Monkey Bar, which is located in the hotel lobby.  Grand Hyatt also has a club called Bond which is very nice also. So there are plenty of options if you want to turn up. 


There is so much more that Baha Mar has to offer we didn't have enough time to experience it all. This gives us a good excuse to come back! We loved this Caribbean Island and it is def going on the top 10 favorites list! Leave us a comment and let us know how your experience was in Baha Mar we would love to hear from you! 

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